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What is Green Roofing?

Green is the name of the game for 2016 and beyond. Less waste, more savings. The question is how do you do this with Commercial Roofing? There is so much tear off and all of that goes into the landfill when you put on your new roof- right?? Not necessarily. Green roofing is when you do NOT tear off your existing roof. Instead, KH Commercial Roofing can come in, repair anything issues with your current roof then overlay your existing roof- all known as retro-fitting. We will put a new layer of ISO and/or TPO or EPDM down over your existing roof saving you money and saving landfill space. We make sure the new overlay is watertight and encompasses all parapet walls, goes under old or new coping, etc. This is the way of the future and the way to save landfill space for another 20 years. Call today for a Commercial Roof quote. 865-228-2566

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